Our Beers

The list below is all of the beers we have brewed at The Coastal Brewing Company (>100!). We brew small batch and regularly rotate our beer selection so not all beers will be available at any time.

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Beer ABV  Description
12 Mile QNEIPA12.0%Quadruple dry hopped Quadruple NEIPA
2428 Draught4.5%This is a super easy drinking beer. Technically an ale but drinks like a lager. Named after the local postcode where the brewery is based in Forster – this really is Forster’s beer!
Back Bommie Blackberry Lager5.4%Blackberry lager
Barrel Aged Pelican Porter10.8%We took our Pelican Porter and aged it in South Australian Rum Barrels for 12 months. The result is a big smooooooth beer………..
Barrington Blonde4.6%Barrington Blonde Ale is a light and refreshing Blonde Ale – brewed including local wet hops (picked in the early hours of brew day) from Barrington Hops about 2 hours drive from the brewery.
Bennetts Black IPA5.8%Dark malt character joins with classic American hops (Columbus, Cascade and Centennial) in this black IPA. Named after Bennetts Head which is close to the brewery in Forster. It offers visitors to the area an impressive lookout over sheer cliffs.
Big Jack9.0%Imperial Stout aged in ex bourbon barrels from a famous US Distillery. In line with all Coastal Brewing Co beers the name for this beer is named after a landmark from the Barrington Coast region of NSW  where the brewery is based. This beer is named after Big Jack Mountain.
Big Nellie Barley Wine10.1%Clocking in at 10.1% Big Nellie delivers everything you would expect from an American barley wine – rich with intense maltiness!. Be sure to look out in mid 2022 for the barrel aged version of Big Nellie…The beer is named after Big Nellie, one of the main attractions of Coorabakh National Park in the Barrington Coast area of NSW. It’s an imposing rock plug that soars more than 500m above sea level, reminding visitors of an earlier time when the Australian landscape was still being created by volcanoes and earthquakes.
Rum Barrel Aged Big Nellie Barley Wine11.0%We took our Big Nellie Barley Wine and aged it in Rum Barrels for 12 months. The outcome  – a big beer delivering everything you would expect from an American barley wine – rich with intense maltiness. A warming beer for a cold winter’s night. Named after Big Nellie, one of the main attractions of the Coorabakh National Park in the Barrington Coast. It’s an imposing rock plug that soars more than 500m above sea level reminding visitors of a time when the Australian landscape was still being created by volcanoes and earthquakes.
Black Head Milk Stout4.7%Named after the multi-award winning (Keep Australia Beautiful Program) Black Head beach which is located midway between Forster and Taree. The lactose (milk) added during the boil makes this a sweeter style stout and with moderate IBU’s and ABV this will appeal to stout and non stout drinkers alike.
Blueys Berry4.9%Blueberry and vanilla sour with a beautiful pink hew.
Blueys Brown4.8%Blueys Brown is a smooth American Brown Ale, malty but hoppy where the hop flavour and aroma complements and enhances the malt. It is named after Blueys Beach which is located between Boomerang Point and Blueys Head along the Barrington Coast.
Bo Bo Blood Orange NEIPA6.4%Loaded with blood orange puree, Nectaron® and cryo-citra hops, Bo Bo Blood Orange NEIPA is summer in a glass. With moderate bitterness, lactose and lots of flaked and malted oats this all makes for an enjoyable and easy drinking IPA. Named after Bo Bo Creek found west of Taree in the Barrington Coast region of NSW. Contains lactose.
Boomerang Beach Pale Ale5.4%Named in honour of the ever popular Boomerang Beach near Forster that many people come back to every year for annual holidays. This American style pale ale has lots and lots of American centennial, cascade, simcoe and citra hops 
Booti KNEIPA5.3%Limited release NEIPA made with Kveik yeast (hence KNEIPA). It is brewed using the Bergen strain of Kveik (Norwegian Farmhouse Ale yeast), fermented hot to generate fruit esters and heavily dry hopped with Australian Galaxy, New Zealand Nelson Sauvin and New Zealand experimental hop HORT4337.
Careys Peak Cold XPA4.5%Careys Peak Citra Galaxy Cold XPA (ABV 4.5%) – Brewed with Citra and Galaxy hops together with lager yeast, Careys Peak is a ‘cold’ XPA. Named after Careys Peak in the Barrington Tops, it is a high and cold summit where visitors on a clear day, can look out across the world heritage site and see from the Blue Mountains across to the sand dunes near Newcastle.
Cellito IPA6.8%Cellito IPA is an aromatic, soft, juicy, hazy IPA ! Named after Cellito Beach (also known as Sandbar), this IPA looks scenic and relaxing but (at 6.8%) it can be dangerous ! 
Cherry Smiths Lamington Dessert Stout6.2%Our Smiths Lamington Dessert Stout + Cherry ! Chocolate, coconut, vanilla and cherry……
Club Island Dark Mild3.5%English style dark mild
Coomba Czech Dark Lager5.2%A rich, dark and malty lager with a roast / chocolate character. Malty and complex with a mild spiciness from Saaz hops, Chocolate and caramel malts bring the rich dark flavour over the top of the base of Vienna and pilsner malts.
Crowdy NEIPA5.2%First brewed during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown period Crowdy Head is a New England IPA with rolled oats, malted oats, lactose and crowded with hops! Creamy smooth texture balanced with a huge dose of tropical and citrus aroma from the massive whirlpool and dry hop additions. Best enjoyed whilst social distancing – as you won’t want to share it with a crowd……………….… Contains lactose. 
Dara Dank DIPA7.7%Resinous and piney and brewed with Pilsner, wheat and Carahell malts, this double IPA hits the mark for the lovers of dank hops – it is packed full of Centennial, Columbus, Mosaic and Simcoe. Named after the suburb on the Lakes Way north of Forster, this bold beer is definitely not one for the faint hearted.
Diamond Beach Pilsner5.0%A refreshing pale lager brewed with 100% New Zealand hops
Double Booti KNEIPA8.3%GABS2024 Festival Beer – Double the Booti ! We’ve taken our popular Booti KNEIPA (brewed with Kveik yeast hence the silent K !) and given it the double treatment….!
Double Treachery9.1%Coastal Brewing Co’s Treachery XPA became a cult favourite amongst their fans when it was released in 2017. So for GABS, they figured they’d give you double what you love: Double hops, double malt, double ABV. Brewed for #GABS2018
Elizabeth English Bitter3.5%Elizabeth English Bitter is our version of the classic Yorkshire bitter from the North of England.
Named after Elizabeth Beach, or Queen Elizabeth II (who had the title Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York from 1926 – 1936), ‘lizzy’ is brewed using West Yorkshire Ale yeast, English hops (East Kent Goldings and Fuggle) and a malt bill composed mainly of English barley. An alcohol content in the mid strength range makes this a great session bitter.
Firefly Amber Ale5.2%
Ghinni Ghinii GIPA6.4%Brewed including the zest from 120 Ruby Red Grapefruit, along with Amarillo and Mandarina Bavaria hops and a clean malt bill (Pale malt and Carahell), this juicy IPA has subtle grapefruit and citrus tones and is a perfect summer’s day IPA.
Glen Oak Bourbon Barrel Aged DIPA7.5%At the brewery we love barrel-ageing, we love IPAs and we love experimenting! The result is Glen Oak. We placed a 100ibu Double IPA into ex Bourbon oak barrels for two months, then brought the beer back into the fermenter and heavily dry-hopped it with Centennial and Columbus to deliver a big hop punch.
Gloucester Gold4.6%A hybrid style made with a warm fermented lager yeast this golden coloured beer is loosely based on the California Common style. Hopped with Northdown hops during the boil and finished with fresh “wet” Chinook hops from Barrington Hops (picked early brew day morning) it has a moderately dry finish but is not heavy in flavour or aroma. No fruit in sight and one for the lovers of a beer that tastes like a traditional beer – not one for the big hop heads!!!! Coming in at 4.6% it is just a really smooth easy drinking ‘beery’ beer.
Half Mile Mid Strength Pale Ale3.5%A fully flavoured mid strenth Australian style pale ale with Cascade, Vic Secret and Galaxy hops. Perfect for a summer’s day!
Harrington Hefe4.1%A German style cloudy wheat beer with flavours of banana and cloves.
Low bitterness and a lower alcohol percentage makes this quaffable and a great thirst quencher.
Hearts Point NEPA5.9%Brewed using a Bluestone New England yeast, this hazy New England Pale Ale is packed full of Mosaic, Simcoe and Talus hops. Named after Hearts Point in the Barrington Coast area of NSW because we all love a hazy beer.
Homestead Blackberry & Apple Pastry Sour6.5%For this year’s GABS Festival we have delivered a blackberry and apple crumble in a beer! The pastry sour has a fruit hit from real blackberry puree and apple puree supported by biscuit malt, oats, lactose, cinnamon and vanilla extract.  Named after Homestead found in the Hallidays Point area of the Barrington Coast. (Contains lactose)
Hoppy Hallidays IPL6.0%Hoppy Hallidays is an easy drinking IPL, hiding its 6% ABV with soft malts, fairly light bitterness and fairly light hops. All of the hops used in brewing Hoppy Hallidays are New Zealand hops – Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and HORT9909. Best savoured cold by the pool or at the beach on a hot summer’s day.
HPT Draught4.5%
Johns Ginger4.5%Brewed with local ginger from Rainbow Flat, local lemons and local honey.
Lakes English Pale Ale4.2%English style pale ale
Lakeside Fest Beer5.6%Brewed for the Lakeside Festival in 2018, this modern German beer is a smooth, clean, pale Germanic-style lager with a moderately strong malty flavour and a light hop character.
Lime Seltzer5.2%
Little Run Citrus IPA6.4%Brewed with zest from locally grown oranges and lemons from Little Run Retreat in Wherrol Flat (to add citrus flavours), Mandarina Bavaria, HORT 9909 and Nectaron hops (to add tangerine, citrus, lemon, lime and tropical fruit flavours) and fermented using a Belgian yeast strain (to add a slightly tartness along with delicate mango and pineapple characteristics) this citrus IPA is the ideal beer to enjoy as the weather warms up, the days become longer and with Spring just around the corner.
Little Street Coffee Milk Stout4.7%A collaboration with Little Street Coffee Roasters sees the addition of locally roasted coffee to Coastal Brewing’s Milk Stout. It’s all about the balance between mild coffee bitterness and milk sugar sweetness. Brewed for GABS 2019
Long Island Summer Ale4.3%English style summer ale
Mango Seltzer5.2%
Manning Quays Lime IPA6.7%Bringing pie crust (from the use of biscuit malt and cinnamon), creaminess (from the use of lactose and vanilla extract) and loads of key lime (from the use of oodles of key lime puree and HORT9909 hops) Manning Quay Lime Pie IPA is our first dessert beer release for the upcoming Festive season! Packed with flavour, like all Coastal Brewing beers the name celebrates a landmark/beach in the Barrington Coast region of NSW. Manning Quays can be found on the foreshore in Taree. Contains lactose.
Mungo Mango IPA6.3%This bright and juicy IPA is packed with mango as well as citra and mosaic hops! Named after Mungo Brush in the south of the Barrington Coast region, it is perfect for a summers day. Contains lactose.
Myall Marzen5.3%Myall Marzen is a German style malty lager.  It is rich in malt with a balance of clean, hop bitterness. This style was traditionally brewed in Germany in the spring (Marzen means March) and aged/lagered through the summer ready for Octoberfest.   Myall Marzen was designed by Scott Jardine and was the winner of the 2020 The Coastal Brewing Company / FnT Brew Supplies home brew competition and is named after the Myall Lakes National Park in the Barrington Coast area of NSW.
Old Bar English Best Bitter4.0%A straw coloured English Best Bitter brewed in the English Black Country style. Smooth and sessionable sitting at 4.0% ABV – perfect for an Autumn evening. Named after ‘Old Bar’ – a beautiful coastal town to the north of Forster where the brewery is located.
One Mile Aussie Pale Ale4.5%First brewed for our 1st birthday (June 2018), and named after the beach nearest to the brewery, One Mile Pale Ale is an Australian Style Pale Ale. With two pale ales now in our range, this Aussie Pale is brewed to be refreshing and light and is at the other end of the pale ale spectrum to our Boomerang Beach Pale Ale.
Palms Pale – Pacific Ale4.4%Sitting at 4.4% ABV, whether you get to enjoy this beer in Pacific Palms or elsewhere, this pacific ale is sure to go down easy!
Brewed with 30% wheat malt and 70% barley malt and 100% galaxy hops this hazy tropical pacific pale ale is perfect for summer.
Peach Tree Mountain Saison5.6%
Pebbly IPA6.3%Our summer IPA – named after Pebbly beach. Brewed with 100% Pilsner malt, moderately hopped during the boil / whirlpool and then dry hopped with 4 different hops including Hallertau Blanc and Nelson Sauvin.
Pelican Porter5.9%Fermented low (temperature) and slow this Baltic Porter has dark malt and fruit flavours.
Purfleet NZ IPA6.5%
Rainbow Flat White Stout6.5%Flat white meets stout, as coffee from Rainbow Flat roasters is blended with a light coloured beer to create a white stout. Your eyes might trick you
Red Head Red4.2%Our Red Head Red Ale is a traditional Irish Red. It has an amber / copper colour and is malt focused with toffee and caramel flavours and aromas and a hint of roast grain.
Brewed using English hops to give a low hop presence.
Resiliance Pale Ale (Fundraising)5.0%As part of the beer community’s ongoing support for bushfire relief efforts, brewers in Australia and overseas
have brewed a fundraising brew. The Australian Resilience Beer is a 5% Pale Ale. All of our profits from this
brew will be donated to local RFS brigades.
Sandbar SIPA5.0%Brewed with a blend of Loral, Mosaic and Mandarina Bavaria hops the tropical fruit, tangerine, floral and citrus notes abound. The hop aroma and flavour combine with a solid malt base and just the right amount of bitterness to make sandbar SIPA a sessionable session IPA!
Santa Barbara Juicy DIPA7.8%
Second Head Barrel-Aged Rum & Coconut Imperial Stout8.0%Our latest barrel aged release, ‘Second Head,’ is named after the headland between Main Beach and Pebbly Beach in the town of Forster, where the brewery is based. It is an Imperial Stout, brewed with cacao nibs and local Forster Little Street Roasters coffee (coffee added both in the boil and cold brew) and then aged in Coconut rum (ex Bourbon) barrels.
Second Head Imperial Stout7.8%This is the non barrel aged version of Second Head, named as such because of it is our second use of the barrels and after the end (head) of the barrel.   With coffee added in both the boil and the brite tank, and with cacao nibs added in the brite this beer is full of flavour, even before it goes into the barrels !
Seven Mile IPA6.6%Perhaps this should have been “Almost Seven Mile IPA” ! Weighing in at 6.6% and named after Seven Mile beach in Booti Booti National Park this IPA has Simcoe as the bittering hop and then just enough US hops (Cascade, Centennial, Citra and Simcoe) to balance the malt profile (pale malt, caramel malt, oats, munich malt and flaked wheat)   The balance of malt, hops and the alcohol content make this an easy drinking IPA
Shelly’s Milk Chocolate Orange Stout5.0%Launched in time for Easter, this milk chocolate orange stout has oodles of orange zest, chocolate and vanilla to appeal to those chocolate and orange combo lovers! As well as being a nod to “Terry’s”, this is named after Shelly beach near Forster, which is described as “an unofficial clothing optional beach”.
Contains lactose.
Showoff HBC1019 Hazy Pale5.4%This hazy pale is single hopped with HBC1019 which is an experimental hop variety (we think this is one of the first beers in Australia to use this new hop). This hop brings flavours of sweet fruit, cream caramel and citrus. Named in honour of the island close to the bridge in Forster/Tuncurry nicknamed ‘Showoff Island’.
Showoff 7355.4%Single hopped with HBC735 experimental hop variety. Flavours include citrus, berry, stone fruit and sweet aromatic.
Showoff Anchovy5.4%Single hopped with Anchovy hops. Anchovy is a new experimental variety from Segal Ranch in the lower Yakima Valley. Initially, it went by the name 24B-05 but was given the controversial name Anchovy by Matt Storm and Brian Strumke from Fast Fashion Brewing in Seattle. Fast Fashion was the first brewery to sponsor acreage. Fast Fashion describe the varaiety as “watermelon hard candy, raspberry and pine”.
Smiths Lamington Dessert Stout6.4%This beer by Phil Woods won the inaugural The Coastal Brewing Company home brew competition.
Brewed to finish sweeter and incorporating lots of coconut, cacao nibs and vanilla extract it’s just like eating a Lamington!
Snake Island British Brown Ale4.7%
Stony Point West Coast IPA6.4%The aroma of stone fruits abound from this West Coast IPA!! A generous amount of hops – Nectaron® from NZ Hops and US Mosaic® – give both a firm bitterness and the burst of flavour and aroma that you crave. Coming in at 6.4% we are sure you will love Stony Point.
Stroud English Extra Special Bitter5.8%
Submarine Kolsch A german style Kolsch. Named after Submarine beach which is home to the buried wreck of a 1922 Dutch built submarine.
Sugarloaf Sour2.9%Light bodied lemon Berliner Weisse. Light on the hops, with a moderately sour lemon aroma and flavour. A refreshing sour brewed with real organic lemons and honey from the Manning Valley.
Sunset Park Pineapple and Vanilla Sour4.9%With pineapple, vanilla and orange
Sunshine Mexican Lager5.0%This summer is all about lagers and we are delighted to bring you a crisp, super easy drinking Mexican Lager. Brewed using New Zealand hops it has a distinct paleness in colour from the flaked maize. And we couldn’t resist using Sunshine in the name. Sunshine is a town in Victoria, south of the border ! Perfect for a dry summer’s day.
Tallwoods Triple IPA10.0%
The Firs DIPA8.5%Pouring a light golden colour this is a big yet balanced DIPA delivering loads of floral, citrus and pine. Hopped with colombus, amarillo, centennial and simcoe this beer takes its name from The Firs picnic area high in the Barrington Top and surrounded by old Douglas firs, a type of pine tree.
The Grandis – Barrel Aged Imperial Stout8.2%Our latest barrel aged release, and our first barrel aged release in cans, is named after The Grandis, the tallest known tree in NSW which is located on the western edge of Myall Lakes National Park, just off Pacific Highway, north of Bulahdelah (on the road to Forster). The Grandis is an Imperial Stout, brewed with cacao nibs and local Forster Little Street Roasters coffee (coffee added both in the boil and cold brew) and then aged in Bourbon (JD 150th Anniversary Limited Edition), Ex-Bourbon Maple Syrup and Vanilla Extract (ex-Bourbon) barrels. The barrels have been blended together to give a super smooth barrel aged imperial stout sitting at the very drinkable 8.2%.
The Keys – Bourbon Barrel Aged10.7%The Keys Imperial Stout barrel aged in Jack Daniels 150th anniversary heavy toast barrels
The Keys – Coconut Rum Barrel Aged8.8%The Keys Imperial Stout barrel aged in ex Coconut Rum oak barrels
The Keys – Maple Bourbon Barrel Aged9.0%The Keys Imperial Stout barrel aged in Maple syrup (ex Bourbon) oak barrels
The Keys – Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged8.7%The Keys Imperial Stout barrel aged in Vanilla (ex Bourbon)oak barrels
The Keys Imperial Stout8.3%Big, rich, dark, roasty, full bodied and intense (the stout not Ross!) and named after Forster Keys, the area in Forster where Ross lives.   Imperial stouts were originally brewed with high alcohol to withstand the abuses of being shipped across the Baltic from England to Imperial Russia in freezing weather.
The Ruins DIPA7.5%The Ruins is our Double IPA and is brewed with lots of Australian malt and American hops including Simcoe, Colombus, Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade. This beer takes its name from the stunning camping and picnic spot just to the South of Forster.
Town Lager5.0%Named after Town or Main beach in Forster. We might have gone for Forster’s Lager but decided that was a bit too close to a well known brand.
An Australian style lager designed for enjoying on a hot summer day. Brewed using a simple malt bill along with Pride of Ringwood and Cascade hops.
Treachery XPA4.5%Treachery is a 4.5% eXtra Pale Ale that defies traditional beer styles. The X could stand for eXtra hops, eXtra fruity, eXtra pale or eXperimental (or all of the above!)
The addition of rolled oats along with a LOT of New Zealand hops make this hazy XPA a super smooth drink with a fantastic tropical fruit / passion fruit character.
Tuncurry Draught4.5%
Very Bonny NEIPA6.6%With Galaxy, Cryo Simcoe and Cryo Mosaic hops
Very Charlotte NEIPA7.1%Brewed with 100% NZ hops
Very Crowdy NEIPA6.6%The first of our ‘Very’ Series, back in time for summer. One of our most popular beers made with lots of rolled and malted oats, lactose, and crowded with hops! This creamy smooth texture is balanced with a huge dose of tropical fruit and citrus aroma from Nectoron® and Cryo Citra hops added in massive whirlpool and dry hop additions. Very Crowdy is a New England IPA containing lactose.
Very Hearty NEIPA6.6%The second beer in our ’Very’ series. People love our Very Crowdy NEIPA, people love our Hearts Point NEPA – so we brought them together! The grain from Very Crowdy and the hops from Hearts Point combine to form Very Hearty!
The same rolled and malted oats and lactose but this time with loads of Simcoe, Mosaic and Talus added in the whirlpool and dry hop. Very Hearty is a New England IPA containing lactose.
Very Kylie NEIPA6.6%The third release in our ‘Very’ series. This time the grain from Very Crowdy is combined with Cryo Pop™ hops from Yakima Chief Hops (which are designed to add a true ‘pop’ of aromas and flavours). The same rolled oats and malted oats and lactose but this time with loads of Pop! Like all of our beers, the name of this beer is inspired by a landmark or place in the Barrington Coast region of NSW. This time, we’ve named this beer after Kylies Beach in Crowdy Bay National Park. It has absolutely no relationship whatsoever to the other Kylie who might be more regularly associated with pop! Very Kylie is a New England IPA containing lactose.
Violet Hill Hazy Pale5.2%A new hazy pale. This time we used all NZ hops with LalBrew Verdant IPA yeast.  We mash hopped and whirlpooled with Motueka and dry hopped with Kohia Nelson. Kohia Nelson is a unique hop from Freestyle Hops, it is a hop/botanical blend with dried passionfruit! Expect big passionfruit, lime and candied melon notes.
Wai-iti Cold XPA5.9%
Wallabi Sour7.0%Named after Wallabi Point (located just north of the brewery) this hoppy sour (get it – wallaby, hoppy…) is brewed with experimental hop HORT 9909 from NZ Hops and Philly Sour yeast from Lallemand. Coming in at 7% it has pronounced forward citrus characters of lemon and lime.
Wallingat Weizenbock5.9%Dark amber in colour, this Weizenbock delivers bready malt and dark fruit flavours along with the clove-like phenols and fruity banana-like esters from the traditional wheat beer yeast.  With a solid malt backbone of dark wheat, munich and chocolate malt and Hallertau Tradition hops it has a low-medium bitterness. In line with Coastal Brewing Company beers, this beer name celebrates the stunning Barrington Coast region of NSW where the brewery is based. Wallingat is a National Park enjoyed by hikers, campers and bird watchers.
Wallis Weizen4.9%An American style wheat beer named after the lake between Forster and Tuncurry.
Made with 50% German pilsner malt, 50% German wheat malt (hence the Weizen) and a clean fermenting yeast (meaning it isn’t a Hefeweizen).
Dry hopped with citra and galaxy to add a citrus twist.
Waukivory Double NEIPA8.1%
Whoota RIPA6.5%Hoppy and bitter with an ABV in the mid 6%’s this Red IPA balances the sweet caramel / malt of an amber / red ale and the hop-forward flavours and aromas of an IPA.Brewed with Eureka, Cascade and Citra hops and generously dry hopped this IPA is flavourful and very drinkable.   Named after Whoota Whoota lookout in Wallingat National Park which offers breathtaking views – in one direction over vast stretches of eucalypt forest and in the other direction over Wallis Lake and the NSW mid-North Coast coastline.
Wingham Music Festival Pilsner5.0%
Ya-hoo Imperial Stout9.3%Packed with roast malts this imperial stout delivers a luxurious hint of chocolate. This beer takes its name from Ya-hoo Island in Wallis Lake, Forster.