Why cans ?

This week we have Mark from Cask Brewing Systems here setting up our canning machine and training us on it, so it is probably a really good time to answer a question many people have asked us – why cans ?

• Cans keep out light better than glass bottles (light is bad for beer)
• Cans keep out oxygen (oxygen is bad for beer)
• Cans chill faster than glass bottles
• Cans are often allowed places glass bottles aren’t
• Cans are safer than glass – they don’t shatter
• Cans are lighter to transport than glass bottles
• Cans are more portable than glass bottles
• Cans have an internal coating – you no longer get that metallic taste you used to many years ago
• Cans are more environmentally friendly – they are infinitely recyclable and take far less energy to recycle than glass bottles

I think you will agree that’s a pretty convincing list !!!

More news on the availability of our beer in cans soon

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